can someone help?

i'm already install vista in hd0,0 and wanna install osx in hd0,1 and install kubuntu boot partition in hd0,4 while kubuntu home partition in hd0,2.
now as i said i've installed vista. yesterday i've tried to make a duel-boot of vista & osx but failed, can someone help?
no trouble in install, just need help in boot and install-order.


Mostly Harmless
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Hi Klauszuo,

I'm not exactly sure what you mean, but anyway:
You've installed Vista. You should now install Ubuntu and specify you would like to install GRUB to the bootsector.
Then install OS X.

From the OS X boot menu, go into Vista (by selecting other), then run EasyBCD.
EasyBCD->Bootloader Management->Reinstall Vista Bootloader
EasyBCD->Add/Remove->Mac OS X->Automated->Add Entry.
EasyBCD->Add/Remove->Linux/BSD->The drive where you installed GRUB to the bootsector->Add Entry.