Can this be done?


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Hi guy's sorry for my absense of late I have been snowed under with some recent events, Mak knows the full story....

Any how I was wondering if a program could be worte to do the folowing, Write a file exactly 10mb in size to a hard drive an record the time it took to be writen to the drive also recording the date and time along with how many times it has been done an then delete the file and then perform the action again?

The output and the program would be on a seperate drive from the one being writen to so the program would be on drive C: an the file would be writen to drive F:, It's to test the read an write time of a SSD and to also see how many read an write cycles the drive can do before it fails.

I am sure that a batch file could be written up to do this. If not a batch file then something close to that could be done. But you are talking a serious amount of time to tie up a machine to get the results.

Anything is possible. But it's probably a better idea to download and use a copy of Sandra or Everest to pull this off?
no the data would have to be fully available to the people reading the report so it would have to be a coustom program doing it that i could relase the code for .
Then a small freeware like ATTO is exactly what you need.

See the attachment. It's a tiny disk benchmarking tool that will write one or more files of sizes within a range you specify to the disk, and time it.


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