Can this be done?

In Windows, when you copy a bunch of files to another folder and some of those files already exist in the destination folder, you will get a message box asking if you want to overwrite the existing files. You will be able to select "No", "Yes" or "Yes to all". I cannot fathom why Microsoft have never seen the need to add "No to all" to these options.

I realise there are many choices of synchronization software out there (I have one I use) but sometimes you just want to do a "quick and dirty" manual sync and the lack of a "No to all" option can be such a pain, because you end up clicking on "No" for each and every individual file.

Is there a registry hack that can add the "No to all" option or is it a job for someone to write a utility to achieve the same end?
Sometimes it'll provide a checkbox option "Do this for all conflicts" or something along those lines right below your options too. You can accomplish the "No to All" option when this is available by enabling it and selecting "No"

TeraCopy is nice though I wouldn't replace it with the standard Windows copy. In some cases in Vista/W7 it is slower. TeraCopys main victory is copying huge (5GB+) of data from one drive to another, with the ability to skip over errors. For situations like this I just use the portable version.
I know older (6 months ago?) builds of TeraCopy had issues where it would lock to 5mbps (which is too damn slow), but they've been sorted out in the latest builds.

It's the first thing I install (and set it to replace the Windows copy, too) on *any* computer I get my grubby paws on.
Speaking of TeraCopy, whats up with thier version listing? I went to update my software and it appears I'm using 2.05 but the site says 2.0 or 2.1 depending on whether you want portable or not. Do I got the latest version already?

Oh, so they don't bother to put build numbers than. Guess I'll haft to download to see if its new, since they don't provide an update check within TeraCopy.


And it gets wierder. Downloaded install version, extracted, and TeraCopy.exe says version 2.0.1 (instead of 2.1 from their website):

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