Can you control which disk "Write MBR" writes to?

When you select "BCD Deployment" then "Install the Windows Vista/7 Bootloader to the MBR" and click "Write MBR", which disk is "the MBR" written to? Can you control which disk? Is it always the first active disk found, or maybe the one that the system was booted from?

In a multi-disk-drive system, it might be convenient to write an MBR to an active disk that might not be the current boot disk (or the current system disk, I forget which is which in Disk Management).

Similarly, when you select "BCD Backup/Repair", and "Re-create/repair boot files", which disk are those boot files written to? (This might be related to the other question I posted, but...) Are these files all written inside the BOOT folder?

I know that you can select a different BCD store, but that doesn't necessarily apply when you write an MBR, since that's not in the Boot folder.

Thanks for any info.


Mostly Harmless
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It's complicated, but you'll find that it does the right thing.

In "normal" cases, it'll write the MBR only to the boot drive (which may not be the system drive).
If you manually selected the BCD store, it'll determine which drive is the boot drive *for the BCD you selected* and write to that one.

*ALL* EasyBCD features take into account the manual selection of a BCD. (except change boot drive)