can you download a .bcd and repair a corrupt bcd while in safe mode?


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Ok I am in quite a pickle.

I'm repairing a friends computer through, windows 7 home premium x64, nasty trojan/virus. BCD is corrupted and or missing. I cannot edit one thing in easyBCD because it says no BCD exists.

Friend does not have any repair discs or OS disc to use recovery option in bios. Is there any way I can repair/recreate the BCD while in safemode, using EasyBCD with someones .bcd file from the same operating system? If so, can someone provide me their .BCD?

Can someone please point me in the right direction asap.


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No. But EasyBCD can create a new BCD from scratch.

But if you can get into safe mode, then the BCD is not the problem.