Can you use EasyBCD to boot a linux install with no bootloader?

I'm trying to set up a dual boot of linux and windows. I shrank my windows partition to create 20gb of unallocated space on the drive, using the windows disk management tool. I decided to use linux mint, and chose its "install alongside another OS" option. This set up the root and swap partition for linux automatically in the unallocated space, but when it got to trying to install the bootloader, it failed (I think this is because it tried to install to /dev/sda, but my raid setup was mounted at /dev/mapper/somename - quite new to linux so not sure if this was actually the problem). I selected "continue without a bootloader" rather than cancelling the installation or choosing another location, as I didn't know where to install it. I then rebooted and it went straight into Windows.

One option seems to be to install grub manually to the right location, but I've heard its support for RAID is poor, and I'm not sure what would be the right location on my hard drive - I don't want to risk messing up my windows partition. Is it possible to use EasyBCD to boot straight into the linux mint partition, with no bootloader installed to that partition? Would the "use easybcd's copy of grub" option or NeoGrub be of any use?

Thanks for any help!