Cannot boot into Linux-Vista and XP fine


Apologies if you have seen this one before.I have used EasyBCD for some weeks now with dual boot to Vista and Xp-excellent.Now added Linux Ubuntu which installed Grub-this meant Linux was at the top of the boot list and I wanted :Vista/XP/Linux,in that order with Vista default.Went to BCD -reinstalled Vista bootloader,pressed write MBR.I have added Neosmart Linux to the list but no boot from Linux entry now on boot screen.
Details of Drive 1 are Partition 0-96GB-has XP.
Partition 1-46GB-USED TO BE 'E' ON DRIVE 0,BUT HAS CHANGED TO DRIVE 1.Nothing on this.
Partition 2-LINUX NATIVE-46GB
Partition 3-EXTENDED,2 GB
Partition 4-LINUX SWAP 2GB.
(Drive 0 is the c/ drive with Vista only on it)
Please could you tell a novice how to restore a boot to LINUX again from this.
Best regards,John
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Hi John,

Welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

You should be good to go with EasyBCD | Add/Remove Entries | Linux
Make sure you check "GRUB is not installed to the bootsector"
Then hit "Add Entry" and reboot to test.