cannot boot past error message

Hi guys,
I hope I have posted this correctly....

after googling my error message this picture came up prompting me to join this forum...

It is a screen shot of exactly what I have ran into after a failed install of a usb bootable xp.

halfway thru the install the pc rebooted to finish and I got the error message right after bios loads..... windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt hal.dll.... I have since decided to use a usb bootable version of win8 to install on the new 1tb hard drive, the only problem is that when I start the computer after the bios loads it goes straight to the above error message from the previous failed install of XP and will not boot from the new USB....I do not have a recovery partition or a cd/ can I get the computer to just boot from the new usb and get rid of this message?? do I need to wipe the drive without an os somehow ? I just have no idea

Thanks in advance for your help!