Cannot boot to ext4 Linux partition on a separate HD from Win 7

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I am still a novice with Linux and utterly new to boot loaders, but I have done my best to Google whatever I can and search these forums for whatever help, but I just could not find a solution to my problem. I installed AV Linux on an ext4 partition on a separate hard drive from Windows 7, and told it to install GRUB2 to its partition boot record, not the MBR (to my understanding in line with the instructions here ). I installed EasyBCD 2.1.2 and tried adding a record to the Windows boot loader for GRUB2, GRUB (Legacy), and using NeoGrub (following the directions here: ), but all methods come to the same thing: Grub4DOS, and a partition not found error. In the EasyBCD menu for GRUB (Legacy) it shows all of my partitions:

Drive 0
Partition 1 (Linux - 97 GiB) - primary
Partition 2 (Swap - 6 GiB) - logical
Partition 3 (D:\ as NTFS - 596 GiB) - logical
Drive 1 (Where Windows 7 is)
Partition 1 (C:\ as NTFS - 30 GiB)
Drive 2
Partition 1 (K:\ as NTFS - 596 GiB)

But in Grub4DOS, Drive 0 is nowhere to be found. I list the drives by tying "root (hd" and then pressing TAB. hd0 and hd1 come up. Both of them are NTFS, and by doing "ls" I find that hd0 is drive C: and hd1 is drive K:. Since Grub4DOS does not see Drive 0, there appears to be nothing I can do to boot to it.

I have found a number of other, old threads that appear to be having a similar problem, such as this one: - but none of them seem to be resolved.
Old thread, locking. Anyone with similar issues please start your own new thread
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