Cannot Boot to Win PE on Lenovo P53


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I cannot boot to a WinPE .wim loaded on my local hard drive. The laptop model is Lenovo Thinkpad P53. I can boot from USB using the SAME .wim file. When I attempt to boot using the latest EasyBCD and the .wim on my local drive, I get the "Loading files..." bar, then a blank screen followed by a flashing cursor in the upper left corner. Any ideas? Thanks!


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Ended up being a bad partition table layout. Somehow, I had a blank partition, followed by system restore, my data partition, then another blank. Reinstalling Win10, I deleted everything and started from scratch. Now the layout is System Restore, Data, blank (I believe used by Windows for updates).


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Glad you are OK now. Windows creates a blank drive for backups, system restore etc. etc.
Leave those blank drives alone as Windows needs them.
If you delete them it will create them again.