Cannot boot Ubuntu after re-install


I had my laptop working: Vista and Ubuntu dual booting, with EasyBCD launching GRUB when I
choose Ubuntu.

All was running fine then I realised I could actually be using the 64 bit Ubuntu. So off I went
and installed that - into the same partition as the previous / had been, and put GRUB into there
too (/dev/sda7 on my system).

Anyway, when I tried to boot into Ubuntu, all I get is a black screen with GRUB on it, nothing
else - previously I got a list of kernel and boot options for Ubuntu, followed by the booting.

I guess I have forgotten to do something, but since I've forgotten it, I don't know what to do!

Any help appreciated.

Ron Crump


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
That's good news :smile:

You could also delete the entry and re-create it in "Add/Remove Entries" and that, too, would do the trick.