Cannot Change Bootloader Timeout Using EasyBCD


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Hello folks,

Just downloaded and installed EasyBCD moments ago and so far it looks great! I heard about the program on

Running the program from Vista Beta 2, I successfully switched the default OS back to XP, but I can't get the Bootloader Timeout setting changed. It's currently at 30 seconds, so I click on Configure BCD, then drop the value to 10 seconds and click Save Settings. This causes a sound file to be played, and the value remains at 30 seconds.

Any ideas what's going on here? I have a feeling I'm overlooking something simple and obvious, but hey, at least it gave me the opportunity to discover a new (to me) forum!

edit: Just an update here... I manually edited the timeout using bcdedit.exe, and the change stuck. But subsequent attempts to change the value using EasyBCD were still no good.

But first, Hello osuwildfire, and welcome to NeoSmart Technologies. Thanks for downloading EasyBCD and I'm glad you're enjoying it thus far.

It seems this is indeed a bug. Changing the timeout was certainly working at one point, but I'm guessing a minor code change elsewhere screwed it up.

This has been verified and a fix is being committed for 1.2; thanks for reporting it.

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