Cannot create Mac OSX Entry

Hello, I would like to dual-boot my computer and was hoping I could use your tool. I have a Hackintosh/Windows 8 configuration (each installed on its own SATA Drive). I can boot each operating system just fine if I use my F8 key during boot which allows me to choose a boot device.

My hope is to be able to install a boot loader and be able to have it prompt which OS I would like to run, or default to my last choice after a timeout. I was reading the EasyBCD manual and there was a section which related to dual-booting MaxOSX with Windows. After reading the manual I had planned on trying to add an entry in the Windows Bootloader (which is on my 2nd SATA drive where Windows 8.1 is installed) but when I accessed the Add Entry screen I do not have a tab named "Mac". I have attached a screenshot. Is this by design or would something prevent me from seeing the Mac tab?

Thanks in advance - Bill H.