cannot do anything except memdiag


Hi, I was trying to use EasyBCD to remove an old installation of Vista from my boot menu, leaving just my main install of Vista(different drive than the old one..I am sure I removed the right one), but anyone, once I did this..the only thing my system will do is go to memory diagnostics. When I hold F8, 'Windows Memory Diagnostics" is the only item listed in the menu.. I tried running the recovery option in from my vista cd, but it gives a message that everything is ok and boots properly. I am able to get to the command prompt through system recovery, so I'm pretty sure this should be able to be fixed pretty easily, but i'm sorta lost as to what EasyBCD changed and what to fix.

I wasn't really sure what details would be needed for help with this..I cant post the whole text from the bcdedit screen, since I'm not using that computer right now, but I can type out whatever is needed from it.

Thanks for any help!
Hi emraith, welcome to NST.
Do you mean you just deleted the old Vista entry from the BCD using EasyBCD, or have you removed the whole of the old Vista installation ?
It sounds like you've deleted the bootloader from the active partition (the old one) and that's still where the BIOS is looking.
You say you tried running the recovery option. Do you mean the startup repair ? That's what will repair the Vista bootloader for you if you point it at the new Vista installation.