cannot do complete pc recovery using packard bell dvd master


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hi everyone,i am pattct,merry christmas and a happy new year!
i am having some problems with my laptop(packard bell easy notebook Mz 45-p-004).My notebook came bundled with windows vista.firstly, i cannot receive and send emails.secondly,i cannot receive anymore software updates.So
i tried to perform a system recovery using the two copies of dvd master that was provided with the notebook.upon startup,after seeing the packard bell logo,i pressed f11,nothing happened,just windows booting.on the second time,after seeing the logo, i pressed f1.then i pressed f8,followed by 'repair your computer'.but then i was asked to enter username and password.for username i just clicked on adminstrator ,but for password i don't know any,so i just pressed enter many times.the next screen had a lists of things, i chose pc complete my surprise,the message read 'you do not have a dvd to do a system recovery',how come( the dvd master was already inthe drive)please help me-thanks a million!
Hi Pattct, welcome to NST.
Have you tried a simple restore from within Vista to a time before your email and WUD problems started ?
Windows system restore is a much better choice than a full reinstall or factory reset. They're very much last-resort territory.