Cannot download Vista Recovery Disk


First off, I am new at this so please be gentle.

I am trying to download the Vista 32 bit Recovery Disk file from the Neosmart website and get the error message "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". It is not an internet connection problem since I am on the internet. I can also get to the Windows 7 recovery disk.

Any suggestions?

Peace :wtf:
hi i had same prob! i read some of the posts further down the page and someone called Odice said this too and was replied to with a link that sends u directly to a place where i downloaded it with no probs at all
Hi Peace, welcome to NST.
Are you using this link. It seems OK to me.
(do you have the "keep me logged on" box unticked ? That sometimes causes download problems)
There was some downtime with the server yesterday. When i tried to access the site at about 8-9 AM EST there was a database error. It seemed to be sporadic throughout the rest of the day. Seems to be fixed now as the download links are all working again.
OK. Either there was a server problem or I needed to be logged in to download the file. Working ok now.
Thanks for the advice. I am sure I will be back as I am trying to repair a currupted Vista OS.
Been reading up on it thru other posts and will follow them.