Cannot dual boot into Ubuntu and Win 10

I have on my computer already two win 10 versions: one simple: (only Win 10 + MS office) and one extended (Win 10 + several heavy applications.) Dual boot in any of these two Winsows, using EasyBCD, works fine. Now I have installed Ubuntu Mint 19 and get the bootoptions via Grub. I tried to introduce Mint via EasyBCD, (latest version,) but I didnot succeed. Somehow it seems not possible to get a starting-up menu, stating both the Wn 10 options along with Mint. In Easybcd I tried all the possible possibilities I could think of, however without any luck. What am I overseeing or what do I do wrong?


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With 10 installed in the UEFI type BIOS mode does it automatically use the GPT rather than the MBR type drive partitioning? Also is either UEFI or GPT a possible reason for Easy BCD not working well for multiple booting windows 10 and linux? Okay thanks.


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On a UEFI PC Microsoft's efi version of bootmgr will not allow booting of legacy versions of Windows or"foreign" stuff like Linux.
Read all about it here
I must add to my previous description of the problem, that my computer is not booting in UEFI but in BIOS. Accordingly, both Windows installations are based on BIOS. At this moment my PC presents on starting up the Microsoft Bootmenu, giving a Win 10 Limited and a Win 10 Full as boot options and also Linux Mint. However the Mint version is not accessable, allthough there is somewhere a complete installation on a partition available. What I am looking for is a procedure to manipulate Grub, (using the installation CD of Mint), such, that it is reconised by EasyBCD. Can anybody help me with this?
I can't help with the answer to your question - except to say (as a Mint 17.x user) that the Mint forum has a lot of discussion about Mint 19 (the latest version) not playing nicely in dual boot with Win10. Seems to relate to GRUB configuration, but I'm not sure if this is only a UEFI issue or a wider problem.