Cannot Edit BCD data


I recently installed easybcd on to a dual boot XP and vista pc. I had to reinstall vista when I changed the hard drive it was installed on and ended up having to do a new install rather than system repair. Vista installed and is running fine now but because I have an Nforce3 and AGP card MOBO I have to limit my AM2 CPU to only one processor. This worked fine as a solution before, but when I now try and use Easy BCD to limit the no of cpus in vista it seems to apply the changes but when I reboot the BCD file has changed the setting back again as if the file was read only maybe.
Has anyone come across this problem before. Any comments would be gratefully received as I'm stumped
Why do you have to limit your CPU's? Do you ahve 2 installed or something? I know for a fact that Vista can handle Quad Core CPU's which is really recognized as 4 processors from within Windows. So how it is that you ahve to limit your?
The reason is I have an Nforce3 Mobo with an ATI AGP graphics card. Nvidia don't provide vista drivers for the Nforce3 chip so the display drivers don't load under vista. The only reported solution is to use only single cpu mode - until I can afford to replace the mobo and graphics card for ones that are properly supported.
Okay that makes more sense. I have seen some people get NForce to work. but i dont know how. As for why it isnt saving settings have you click save and then re-wrote the MBR?
Kenfar, do other changes made to the BCD get reverted as well?
For instance, if you were to enable PAE for that entry and reboot, would it be disabled once more?