Cannot find BCD registry. Cant change boot record.



I have Windows 7 installed on my computer. I installed a second version of Win7 on a second partition to try it out. When I reformatted that partition to delete that 2nd install, I found out that I still have 2 versions of Win7 on my boot menu when starting my computer.

I installed EasyBCD hoping to change the BCD registry so that windows will load automatically instead of showing a dual boot menu. Problem is that easyBCD is asking me to find the BCD registry and I am not sure where it is.
Check Disk Management. It's in the partition flagged as "system"
It's inside the \boot folder which is "super-hidden" and you'll only see it with folder options set like this.
If it's in a partition without a letter, you need to assign a letter to be able to navigate to it with the explorer dialogue.