cannot find GRLDR in bootup

New member here, first post, nothing fancy just one OS, Windows XP Professional, all of a sudden when I boot up I get the "cannot find GRLDR", but it waits a second or two and loads XP just fine (apparently anyway). I downloaded EasyBCD in hopes it could fix my problem (which I believe it can) but when I launched the program I got a message "cannot find BCD Store" or something like that. In mmy limited understanding GRLDR is the loader of choice for my system but seeing it cannot be found there is a second loader, is that NTLDR? Is the instruction to load GRLDR and if not found a second loader in the MBR? So seeing that the system does boot does that mean my MBR is okay?


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EasyBCD is a utility for "longhorn" systems (Vista onwards)
It has no relevance or function in an XP-only environment.
NTLDR is the boot manager/loader for XP.
GRLDR is grub4dos and nothing to do with any Windows distribution.
Have you been playing with Linux distros ?
Check whether you're booting from the right HDD.
It's possible that you're going to a HDD which used to contain Linux (and its MBR) and getting that message.
The boot would then contunue to your 2nd HDD in the boot priority list, and presumably then finds NTLDR and successfully boots.
thanks for your help, I have the OS on a disk and was advised to boot from it and select "R" for repair, yes, it seems it is looking for something (GRLDR) that apparently it does not necessarily need then finds NTLDR and boots just fine, perhaps the "R" will remove the request for the GRLDR and LTLDR will be the prime loader. I recently burned a CD with Hirems on it which included the GRUB but never put anything or made any changes to my hard drive to my knowledge