Cannot find iso file to burn for Visat recovery disc


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I have downloaded the bit torrent for Windows Vista Recovery Disc 32-Bit (x86) Edition and downloaded Imgburn, but when I go to burn I cannot find the iso file. In the Vista recovery disc folder there are 2 folders. 1st the boot folder which contains 3 files. bcd, boot.sdi and bootfix.bin
2nd is the sources folder which contains a boot.wim file but nowhere can I find a iso file. What am I doing wrong??:huh:
Hi Casey, the torrent is an ISO.
If it doesn't appear so, you probably have folder options set to suppress known file types, and have allowed something like winrar to grab the ISO file association.
The torrent is not a zipped file, and shouldn't be processed in any way.
It should be burned in its entirety preferably with Imgburn (because it 's free and it works)