Cannot Hide Drives

I cannot seem to hide my Vista drive with HnS. It worked a while ago, but then the boot.ini file got deleted and when I got everything working again, HnS seems to be working but the drive is still visible.

Also, maybe this can help, when I "uninstalled" HnS and then went to install it again it said that I had HnS previously installed. Is there some hidden files it is seeing?

I just uploaded 47 mere hours ago - I presume you've already updated and checked if it fixed your problems?

At any rate: Uninstall HnS. Delete any and all .HnS files along with menu.lst on your hard disk, then run HnS once more.

Make sure you mark all the drives you want hidden as "Vista" and all the XP partitions you need to boot into as "XP."

Reboot & give it a shot. If it still doesn't work, post the contents of the newly-created menu.lst here along with the contents of HnS.log (it'll be created in the same directory you extracted HnS to).