Cannot install Easy BCD in Vista Business ED


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I am currently trying to dual boot between Vista (installed first) and XP on seperate partition.
I have followed the steps for this and managed to boot back into Vista using the DVD to run the repair. I then tried to install Easy BCD 1.7.1 and the EXE just opened a dos window and then dissapeared with no message or text in the Dos box. I downloaded ver 1.6 to see if that worked and that did the same.

I am using a Dell inspiron 6400 laptop with Vista Bussiness

Help please
Have yo uchecked to make sure you ahve downlaoded the whole file. This has happened to users before where they mised 1KB of the file adn it cause issues like this.

I would say to check the MD5 sum of your download. To make sure you got it all. Wither that or make sure the size of your download is the same size as it should be.

873KB is the correct size.