Cannot Install XP64 For Dual-Boot - "7B" Error


I have read a handful of post on this forum, however, my situation is kinda unique since I can't even install XP-PRO. The attached files say it all.

I have a 64BIT Vista Home, with one Western Digital SATA hard drive (540 GB free space).
I have partitioned the drive, with a supposed XP partition at the end of the drive.
I have added a new (separate) Western Digital SATA drive (160 GB).
I have hit the F6 key to install drivers for storage.
I completely disconnected the original drive (with Vista) and installed the new drive alone (just for process of issue elimination), still same issue - 0x0000007B Blue screen error.
I have scanned the system for virus.
I have already download EasyBCD and installed it in my Vista.
Don't know what else to do.:angry:

Could someone please help me here. Any help would greatly be appreciated.


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Go into your BIOS and look for the disk operating mode. You need to select IDE/SATA. You well than be able to boot from your XP disc to install XP.
Please See Attachment For What I Have

Since my system is originally a SATA configuration, it was already set to AHCI mode.

Could you please check this out and enlighten me more on the mode.

1. In the BIOS, the new drive is recognized though.
2. As mentioned in my earlier post, I still could not install the XP64 on the same drive either.
3. The last two images are the result of using the F6 key.


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Get it out of AHCI mode in into just IDE/SATA/Legacy... whatever the other mode(s) are that you can set. You should than be able to boot from your XP disc without getting a BSOD/having to load any drivers.