Cannot Perform a Restore Complete System in Sony Vaio


I think I've really fraked up my computer trying to fix it myself. :frowning:

After going through all of THIS, and some more attempts at repairing through the command prompt, I gave up and just forgot about the damn computer for a few days. When I went back to it, it miraculously managed to boot normally, only it obviously wasn't fixed since half of my data and desktop were missing (thanks to Ubuntu I managed to back up everything), and it would freeze up on me after about 5 minutes. I then decided it was time to just go ahead and do a complete restore.

BTW, I have a Sony VAIO VGN-NR498E laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium

First, I tried doing a Restore Complete System through the Sony Recovery partition, and that didn't work. It gave me my first Error: 329 at 6% and it wouldn't let me continue.

Then, I tried doing a Restore C: Drive and I can't remember what it gave me, but it also didn't work.

I went back to using your Vista Recovery CD, and tried another Restore Complete System, but it told me I needed the Recovery CDs. So I went ahead and ordered them from the Sony website.

When I got them, I yet again tried Restore Complete System, same result: Error: 329 at 6% of the formatting stage. For some stupid reason I tried another Restore C: Drive after and this time it gave me a Error: 403. Took out the CD and tried booting, told me first, that the bootmgr was missing and to restart, and second (after the restart), that it couldn't find an Operating System.

I've continued to try Restore Complete System several times, and I've gotten pretty much the same errors. If I tried to do it twice, back-to-back, when I get to the:
Do you want to keep the VAIO Value-added Contents as part of the Recovery drive?
option and select YES, it gives me this message:
The capacity of the C: Drive is too small and cannot be resized. If you choose to continue, this program may fail.
If I continue, I get an Error: 334 at 0%.

All I'm thinking is that I really screwed up and somehow managed to make my HDD disappear or something.

Also, I've tried the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool with the Vista CD, but it won't work. However, if I try the VAIO Hardware Diagnostics Quick Test, it tells me there are no problems with my system.

Is there any chance of fixing this by myself? Or am I gonna have to take it to some computer tech guy? And can anyone tell me what the actual problem is? I just want it get back to the way I bought it, that is all. :|
I reset my BIOS, popped my Recovery Disks in there, and what do you know? It worked! ... I chose not to add the VAIO contents, hope that won't cause me any problems. Anyway, its installing all the programs now ... hope it all works out okay. If not, I'll be back. :wink: