Cannot recover Win11 boot, shows as Win10

I have had my Win11 Pro machine bluescreen recently after a GPU install. Ran recovery to restore point and tried to update GPU driver again and BSd again now it tells me that I need enable System Protection on that drive when I try to use a restore point. I have tried to do the Win\System32\config system and software rename trick to fix the System Protection issue but have had no luck thus decided to run EasyRecovery but once I am in it shows my boot drive as Win10. I tried my Win10 easyrecovery and it does not even come up properly. Now for additional info this machine was initially on Win10 and I upgraded it about a year or so back so maybe that has something to do with it. However I could really use some advice.
Already ran SFC scan and DISM as well which both found/fixed issues but still no luck.