Cannot Repair Vista Bootloader


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I need help with EasyBCD, Today I wanted to get rid of XP so i went into Windows Setup and deleted the XP partition, so i thought yay now it will just boot from Vista... god was I wrong, it said something about the bootloader not working and to boot from CD, so I then thought, must have to have XP installed for Vista to work, well I installed it and now Vista isnt their at all (still on the drive tho, just unaccessable)... Ive tried editing the boot.ini (altho I know I have to enter some stuff about the bootloader (I cant remember what tho would be good if you could tell what it is, please)) anyway when I try to load EasyBCD it doesnt detect Vista until I install 1.52 (tried with 1.6 and just got some error) now when I load it, EasyBCD says it needs to edit the MBR, Yay I was thinking, but when it tells me to reload EasyBCD, it just keeps prompting me about the corrupt bootloader and to restart EBCD to get it configured, I do so and it just repeats, please help, im regretting uninstalling XP in the first place

How do I get my Vista back :frowning: