Cannot show bootmgr..



I've been trying to get my bootmgr to show up again for a few hours now but nothing worked so I hope you guys can help me out here!

Situation: I installed Xp a year ago or so and half a year ago Windows 7 on same hdd, diff partition. Now I wanted a fresh xp install so I deleted the xp partition and created a new one for the new xp install which I'm using right now. I fired up easybcd, I did the "write mbr" thing, added both my windows installations to the list, everything without error but still when I reboot my xp starts booting immediatly for some reason..

Some more info maybe: My C drive(where the xp install is on) has the boot folder with bcd inside and also the normal boot.ini with only xp in the list but that's normal I guess since w7 doesn't use it.( My E drive where w7 is on has no boot folder or boot.ini should that matter)

I tried reading the faq but could only do the reset bcd , since the recreate/repair boot and change boot drive give me error that I can only use those on vista/7

Anyone can help me out here I've been trying for more than 2 and half hours and getting a bit frustrated now :tongueout:

Thanks in advance