cannot start all operating systems

Hellol, after I used an Acronis-backup on my W7-32bit system I only can start this and the w7-64bit version, but not the w8 nor the w10 system.
here is the configuration of EasyBcd:

the pathes are correct and there is also the winload.exe in each directory (windows/system32). An reparation with the Windows-installation-DVD didn't have success.
What can I do?


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When you installed W8, and then W10, each time the bootmgr file in the active partition (W7-32 I assume) will have been upgraded to the later level.
bootmgr is not forward compatible i.e. an older version cannot successfully load a newer Winload.exe. (Invalid digital signature)
Only the bootmgr from W10 can successfully load all of your systems. The newest version is fully backward compatible with all of your other systems.
When you restored W7-32, you will have back-leveled bootmgr from W10 to W7 again.
You need to copy the (larger) bootmgr module from W10 to replace the version on the active partition, or alternately you can repeat the repair with the installation DVD, but make sure you use the W10 DVD.