Cannot Uninstall Ubuntu (Wubi Vista 34bit)


I cannot uninstall Ubuntu (Wubi ) using control panel, and the wubi uninstaller. In both instances I get the following error message;
Exception: Error executing command
>>command=C:\Windows\System32\bcdedit.exe /delete {fb19a997-9e73-11de-96cf-00a0d1692a8b} /f
>>stderr=An error occurred while attempting to delete the specified entry.
The system cannot find the file specified.

I had also tried re-installing ubuntu using wubi and I get the same message as detailed above.

A week ago I ran my virus programme Avast Antivirus, and I deleted files that were found to have trojans. From memory I think one of those files was called boot.ini I have realised that this may be the reason for my problems.

Can someone tell me how I can remove Ubuntu please.
System restore or you could try the command it was trying to run for yourself:

bcdedit.exe /delete {fb19a997-9e73-11de-96cf-00a0d1692a8b} /f
If you deleted boot.ini, then XP (assuming that's the version of Windows you have...) shouldn't be booting...

But as for Wubi, Ubuntu is housed in a file called a "root.disk" in your Ubuntu/something-or-other (don't remember the exact directory, its been a while since I used Wubi) on your hard drive. You can delete the whole folder on your hard drive, and there wont be any more trace of it on your computer, and you'll get your hard-drive space back.

Otherwise, you can always keep it on, and find out how to solve whatever problem it is you're having with it...:wink:
Thanks for the responses. I deleted the Ubuntu folder from my root directory. I have re-installied using wubi with no problems. Magic :grinning:

(Oh my OS is vista.)

Thx again, appreciated
I have a similar problem - relating to uninstallation of wubi/ubuntu.

After uninstalling wubi, I have lost 20 GB of space reserved for Ubuntu during wubi installation. I cannot find the 20 GB file that wubi used for the ubuntu partition.

I had a total of 33 GB free space on my PC with win xp. There is only ONE partition on my pc (C: - 80 GB) which runs win xp.

I installed Ubuntu 9.10 through wubi allocating 20 GB for Ubuntu. Because of a problem with ubuntu (grub error), I decided to uninstall ubuntu through wubi's uninstaller. But it didn't work. So I used another program and uninstalled ubuntu. I expected the free space on c drive to come back to 33 gb. But it shows only 13 gb as free space.

How do I recover the space that I have lost so that I could install Ubuntu again. Any suggestions would be very helpful.

What is the filesystem of your XP partition? Fat 32 or NTFS?
If its Fat 32, you should probably convert it to NTFS.

You can do this through the command prompt:
convert X: /fs:ntfs
where "X" is replaced with the correct drive letter of the XP partition.
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Same problem here; after I deleted the ubuntu folder on my C:\ and deleted the ubuntu file on my C:\ root, I never recovered the 20 or so GB it was using. File system for my XP machine is in NTFS. I did a search and there is no more *.root file in my file system.

Plz help coz i'm all outta space!