Cannt Boot at ALL win xp or 7


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I had windows 7 installed on a PC so i decided to installed Win XP along side with 7. I have followed your instructions to install XP then using Easy BCD v2.1.2 to set up boot loader. When i restarted the PC as it was suggested and after the post BIOS it displays following error message.

File corrupted or missing.
<windows root>system32/ntoskrnl.exe

Now it is asking me to reinstall is file.

I am unable to boot either in windows 7 or xp.

I know i have done something wrong here but I dont know where.

Please you help me to solve this.

Do i have install both os's again or something else??



any one
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Reboot the XP CD and after selecting Install, choose to "Repair Install" the existing XP.
When XP boots, follow the instructions here to get the W7 bootloader back in control, then add an entry for XP to the W7 BCD (auto configure)