cant access easybcd gui after 3rd OS install

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i was happily using win8 and elementary OS (on btrfs) and booting off easybcd.
i had installed bootloader for elementary on its root partition and not on mbr.
then i opted for a 3rd OS openindiana on zfs. OI forcibly installs its grub on the MBR and over writes previous entry (supposedly?)
i am still abloe to choose windows from grub menu which leads me to easybcd list showin elementary. [i am unable to add btrfs entry on to grub]

easybcd default is set to elementary and now when i want to change to windows, i am unable to access easybcd gui. help will be appreciated !

alternatively, i hope easybcd has options to select solaris partitions / snapshots
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Have you tried using EasyBCD 2.3 beta? Does it too fail to launch?


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Honestly, I do not understand your bug report. Can you please try simplifying and rephrasing?