Can't access linux distro's with new motherboard


I have a new motherboard MSI k9n2 sli platinum, with two disks in striping mode, two disks in sata mode and one ide disk. Next to Vista on the striped disks on one of the sata disks I have installed fedora 9 and ubuntu 8.04 (64 bits versions). If I install grub on the boot partitions easy bcd does not find them at all. When I start up from the sata disk containing the linux distro's instead of the striped disks the linux distro's are not discovered and start-up falls back onto the vista boot loader.
So I reinstalled ubuntu changing the ubuntu root partition into a primary partition and putting grub on the primary partition (sdb). Now I can start-up the linux distro's by booting from the sata disk. I changed the linux entry in easy bcd into: bootloader not installed in the boot partition.
Now the bootloaderwindow pops-up during a few milliseconds and start-up begins but hangs immediately saying something about ntfs.
So then I tried neo grub and copied the ubuntu bootloader into it. Now I get the neo grub bootloader while starting from the striped disks and clicking neo grub produces the ubuntu bootloader.
However he does not find ubuntu on (hd0,0). Substituting the disknumber with 1,2,3 does not help. Files not found, no bootable disk etc.
Who helps me out?
Your raid setup/disks are not being recognized by Ubuntu which is probably why it is hanging. How many disks do you have in the system again? You might want to try 4, 5, etc... if you got more then 3.