Cant access Vista after installing XP


This may have been posted before but it seems that most people have it the other way round.
I have installed Vista with no problems on C:
I have now installed XP on D: however I do not get the option to boot into Vista.
I have installed EasyBCD on XP, please can somebody help please?
Many thanks
Hey Rimmer, welcome to NST.

EasyBCD makes it *really* easy to get Vista booting again: simply launch EasyBCD -> Bootloader Management -> Reinstall Vista Bootloader

At this point, you can boot into Windows Vista, but you *won't* be able to boot into XP until you do
Add/Remove Entries -> Windows XP -> Add

Hope that helps :smile:

You're a GOD. Many thanks for that. Works a charm.
Thought it was as you mentioned but was concerned about borking system.
This is a fantastic bit of software.
I'm glad to hear you like EasyBCD, please help out the cause by telling others about it - the more people that use it, the more reason we have to keep improving on it..

I'm no "god" though, just love programming and helping out esp. with free software - although it's 100% free, no strings attached, NST accepts donations though...