Can't boot any cd/dvd after ntkrnl missing on laptop


have a problem kind of "ntoskrnl.exe is missing or corrupt" it's common as i see.. but laptop won't start any of win vista, win xp, fedora9 nor even vista recovery disk! disk spins as i hear, but no boot, then again the screen with problem solvin, like kernel debugging, safe mode, etc. i feel you will suggest to check BIOS, but i think problem is not there. but i can't see the BIOS configuration when pressing DEL key while starting either... something i forgot?..:frowning:
Hi Kukuka, welcome to NST.
Can you give a little more information on how this happened ? Did you have a triple boot already working and this started after you did something? or are you trying to get a triple boot working and something's gone wrong ?

it happened on girlfriend pc soo.. maybe becouse of troyan or smth (found one on her flash). see i don't want to make any difficult system in there. just repair the same vista (only os) or install any other thats all. whole info should stay in d:
funny thing i cant check bios config or boot any installdisk or vistarecoverydisk.
can't figure out why even that recovery disk wont start :/
I'd say that the majority of computers are using either F1,F2, or F10 (For older HP machines) to access the BIOS. Try those key combinations as you power on the computer to see if you can get into the BIOS. If you can, change the boot order so that your CD drive is first in the list.

To repair your Vista install once you get it to boot from the disc drive, download the recovery disc from this site/use a vista dvd to repair Vista. When the disc boots, select "Repiar my computer", select the installation you want to repair, click "Next", and then from the options menu select "Startup Repair".
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Are you sure that "del" is the right key to get into the BIOS on your gf's PC ?
It is on mine, and presumably yours too, but not universally. Check on the BIOS splash screen as you boot, it should be written on there somewhere.
And when you tried booting from the recovery disk, did you remember to "hit any key". It will try to boot from the HDD if you don't.
Have you tried booting from the recovery disk on another PC just to make sure it's OK and is really bootable ?