Can't boot direct to Ubuntu: OS X keeps booting instead.

This is my configuration:
Hard drive 1 has only Windows 7 installed. Regular MBR partitions.
My second hard drive uses GPT and has the following partitions:
Partition 1: EFI partition for booting OS X
Partiton 2: Main OS X partition
Partition 3: /boot partition booting Ubuntu. Has GRUB installed
Partition 4: / main Ubuntu partition.

OS X and Windows boot fine using EasyBCD, however I can't get EasyBCD to boot directly into Ubuntu at all no matter what I do. I've tried literally every Linux booting option in EasyBCD on nearly every partition (if a partition option was given), but no matter what, it starts loading the OS X bootloader - which the OS X bootloader is similar to GRUB because this is a hackintosh. The only way for me to start Ubuntu is to load the OS X bootloader, then use that to select Ubuntu. I think the problem here is that I have two linux bootloaders installed on my second hard drive, and EasyBCD only wants to start OS X's bootloader and never starts Ubuntu's GRUB. I have even tried using "dd" to extract my linux bootloader and use it in BCDedit, but IT STILL JUST BOOTS OS X!?!?! I am running out of ideas... GRUB as my main bootloader is looking more and more like the way to go, however I'd still like to use the windows bootloader as it looks better and it works with iReboot so I can reboot into another OS remotely with ease. Please help! Thanks!
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OK I figured it out... just had to read some more.. For anyone interested: I created a GRUB style menu.lst in the C:\NST folder, then I used the GRUB 2 option when I added the OS with EasyBCD. I'm still not sure if or how this would work if I added more than one OS entry to the menu.lst, but I don't care enough to try it out. Here's the info:

NeoGrub Linux - EasyBCD - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

Thanks for the self help :wink:
Lol @ the self help. What is it they say about teaching a man to fish?

Glad you got it working though.