"Can't boot from recovery dvd disk"


Hi all
I recently had a problem with my computer witch came up with the following message after a fresh install
of windows xp MCE 2005 (Recovery Disk)

'The system cannot log you on due to the following error:

The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted.

Please try again or consult your system administrator.'

I couldn't find a way to sort this out so i sent it to a friend, Whom has gone overseas now.
Anyway he got it going in the end but now, it wont boot from the CD (windows xp MCE 2005 Recovery Disk)
he said something about booting up using Linux to fix it but that's beyond me don't know much about that. Anyway there is a fresh install.Gho file on there but I'm not sure what to do with that.

I have tried to set the bios to first boot from cd, pressed any key to boot from cd but it still boots from hdd.

I think it maybe the MBR I have tried the recovery console to fixmbr and fixboot but same thing happens

I just want to have a fresh clean computer Any ideas would be appreciated
Hello Makel8, welcome to NST,

If you could explain what led you to the point where you need to re-install it'll be more useful in helping us identify the problem(s) and perhaps we can help you resolve them without having to re-install again. Is it that its having the same issue it had when you gave it to your friend to fix? The recovery disc used for re-installation sounds bad. In that case, a re-install from the same disc could reproduce the same problem you had your friend fix/the problem you're having now if the same.
Hi kairozamorro

Thanks for the welcome note
I just want to have a fresh clean computer, as there are lots of programs and stuff on it that i don't wont any more. Also planning on given it to some friends and don't wont to give them a faulty computer.

Its not doing the same thing as before I just thought that might have something to do with why it won't boot from recovery disk. The prob before was, that i could not log in to windows and could not do any thing after that, it just came up with that error message.

Anyway it does boot from CD, I have tried ophcrack to boot off which i downloaded to try and solve first problem, and that booted OK. Just not the recovery disk or any other windows disks.
Boot from a linux live disc such as Ubuntu and delete all the partitions on the drive. Than you can try re-instaling with the Vista disc again.
Hi kairozamorro

Thanks for the info but I have no idea how to use linux, I'll do a quick serch and see how to format with linux.

Also where can i download' "linux live disc such as Ubuntu". And can i reinstall windows xp MCE 2005 off the Recovery Disk after the format, as i don't have any Vista disks.
Get Ubuntu from here.
Burn the ISO to a CD using Imgburn which you can get from here.
Boot with the CD in your tray and your BIOS set to boot CD before HDD.
Select the 1st option "run without changing your computer"
Take a look around your PC ("places")
The GPartEd partition manager is there under "system" / "partition manager" (from memory).
It's not hard to find, just click on the few desktop links and you'll see it somewhere.