Can't Boot From Vista DVD


Hi guys,

I have a big problem and i've tried everything i could think of, so i'm hoping you would be able to hlep scince i've kinda lost hope, anyway here its goes.....

Recently I had some problems with my OS wich is Windows Vista Home Premium (x86) so i had to reinstall it, that is no problem for me i thought, so i backed up all my files an things and became ready to comlpetly reset my computer to a brand new state.

I loaded my dvd then hit the restart configure my BIOS to boot from cd drive as first option, saved the changes and restart. Now what happed here is what is wierd, i get the screen where its says it is trying to boot from cd but it just bypass right trhough to Windows, i tried it like 4 times the i came up with an idea, i tried with my XP Pro cd, so i loaded up restart and get to the booting from cd screen but this time i do get the message "if you want to boot from this disk press any key" which i didnt get with the Vista dvd, though what i got with the Vista dvd wasnt that message, it only did the first part and the skipped a line (no message) and bypass to Vista.

So i had to install Xp Pro first and then while in XP load the Vista dvd and instal, which doesnt let you format the drive and leaves you with Windows.old files and its a pain in the @$$.

Before you think is a problem with my Vista dvd, let me tell you that both my Vista and XP disks are not copies or burned ISO, they are the real thing factory made and in perfect state, and scince the i've tried to do it with burn and other original dvds and it doesnt work.

I hope this was detailed enough, so if you have any idea why this is happening plese reply.

By the way its a PC (@ ComputerGuru).

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I've seen this many times before, though usually with laptops. You don't specify if this is a desktop or laptop, but anyway...

Your CD drive has two lasers in it, one made for reading CDs and the other for reading DVDs. Many times the DVD one (I'm not sure why, but it's always the DVD one), will go bad; leaving your CD drive working, but unable to load DVDs.

Sorry mate.... You'll need to get yourself a new DVD drive or borrow an external DVD drive to get this fixed.
well, sorry for not writing it was a desktop computer i'll edit my post.

but at the risk of sounding like a complete n00be, i can still play dvd movies on my drive with absolutely no problem, so before i go about buying a new drive i better make sure that the problem.

thanks for your reply