Can't boot into Windows Me, But can boot into Windows 7 and XP


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Windows 7 Was Installed first.

I have Windows 7, XP, and Me on my netbook. I attempted to install Windows Me, but unfortuantly on my 1st Attempt, the "Copying Windows Files" completed, but when I return to the BCD Boot Loader, Windows 7 and XP was only there. I went to Computer Management on the Win7 Version and Set the Windows Me (FAT32/FAT) partition to ACTIVE, which terribly bricked it. So I had use my Recovery Disc to repair both XP and 7. Now I'm stucked and this time I tried again and didn't set the ME to active. I went on Easy BCD and Added Windows Me entry and restarted, but this time it said System Error, Press control + alt + del to restart. I was like uqqqhhh .. :frowning: Then I saw that it was trying to get into my C:\ so I switched it To F:\ and Copied the NST file over, and got the same error.

Somebody Please Help.
This is my favorite Operating System, and I want to see it again but don't want to use Virtual PC (Takes too long I have Two Processor Cores and It doesn't help me at all.)


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Windows prior to XP, must be at the front of the HDD to boot successfully. (the ability to dual-boot, and hence to locate the OS, came with NTLDR. Previously the boot assumed everything in the boot chain would be in a fixed position). Unless you intend to move W7 and XP along to make space, your only option is to install ME at the front of a second HDD.
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