Can't boot Linux from Windows 8.1 boot menu

After installing Linux I used EasyBCD 2.2 to add Linux entry to Windows 8.1 Boot menu.

I do a Windows 8.1 boot, select Linux, and then I get a message indicating OS couldn't be loaded because required files missing or contain errors.
Shown: /NST/AutoNeoGrub0.mbr
A status code is also shown: 0xc0000076
Didn't see anything that fit in the FAQs. Can you help?

1 From a Google search... "STATUS_INVALID_SUB_AUTHORITY 0xc0000076 Indicates the sub-authority value is invalid for the particular use"
2 Although not apparently relevant, I did remove the tick from "turn on fast startup" for the power button.
3 new Dell XPS 8700 with Windows 8.1 Pro
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