Can't boot Server 2008r2


Did a BMR restore from Windows image backup. Couldn't boot so went through Nuclear Holocaust solution multiple times using C: D: for boot options. In using WinRE can see Windows install but can NOT do repair; only gives "System Image Recovery", "Windows Memory Diagnostic", and "Command Prompt" as options. As you seasoned admins know usually IF it can see the Windows install you are given the choice to "repair". I'm giving up!! Someone have any insight???
What kind of error messages does the Nuclear Repair process give you?

Let me try to clarify a little bit. Did a Windows Backup of physical server. Created VM in Hyper-V and did restore to VM also with Windows Backup. Have done this many times very successfully. THIS time I am getting a BSOD with these stop codes:

Went through the Nuclear Holocaust Repair multiple times; there were no errors other than when I made a typo which after correcting commands finished successfully. Because of the troublesome 100mg "System Reserved" volume that Server creates I would get various drive letter combos when going into Windows PE and diskpart. So turned off VM, went into Server Manager, mounted the .vhds, and put "Boot" directory and all other files from "System Reserved" onto the volume where Windows is. Back in WinRE I did Nuclear Repair to BOTH instances of BCD. Reboot choosing "Start Windows Normally" gives same BSOD. Making either volume the active volume and takes me to "Error Recovery" where ANY of the Safe Boot or Start Windows Normally options OR Last known Good Config ALL bring me to BSOD with above stop codes. Booting into WinRe the Windows install shows up however the 3 options of "System Image Recovery", "Windows Memory Diagnostic", or "Command Prompt" are the only ones presented....... NOT the "Repair" option that will normally show up as a first choice.