Can't boot to anything/Can't get to EasyBCD/human error help

big dummy

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Hi, I messed up my boot loader configurations.
I'm dual-booting Ubuntu and Windows 7 on my pc... and when I went to create the bootloader I forgot to add Windows 7 to the list which is where EasyBCD is installed so I'm not sure I can get back into it. Conveniently, I also messed up my Ubuntu option so I can't boot to that either.

Luckily I have a copy of Ubuntu on my flash drive, which is what I'm booting to to type this message.

I feel really dumb about this and I'm wondering if there's anything I can do.
Boot your W7 DVD (or your repair disk if you don't have a DVD, or this, if you didn't make a repair disk while W7 was working)
Select "repair your computer" > "startup repair" (3 times)
When W7 boots again, use the latest Beta of EasyBCD 2.1 to add an Ubuntu entry to the BCD