Can't boot to OS X disk


On my PC I have Windows 8.1 Pro on one SSD (formatted under Windows NTFS) and Mac OS X 10.9 on another SSD (formatted under Mac OS journaled format with GUID Partition table, with no Master Boot Record MBR).

The Mac OS X disk boots well when the disk is selected through the BIOS as the boot device with the correct properties.

However I wanted to have something more convenient than the BIOS (which I need to stop at the computer (re)start for selection of the boot device).

I installed EasyBCD on my Windows 8.1 SSD. However, when I look for adding new boot entries, under Mac OS I only see the Windows NTFS SSD disk + Blu-Ray drive, + a disk called "BOOT", which I don't know about. I don't see the Mac OS SSD, which is quite natural I guess as it is formatted under Mac OS journaled format, not NTFS, so not naturally visible by Windows.

I tried to choose BOOT as the disk associated to Mac OS. When booting on the Windows 8.1 SSD I get the EasyBCD screen giving me the choice of Windows and Mac OS, but when I select Mac OS but I get an error message.

Is there a way that I can map Mac OS boot to the Mac OS SSD although it is not visible under Windows 8.1 ?

Thank you in advance for your help.
Here's hoping someone helps me, too!!

I'm not a moderator, or even an OS X-user, just another easyBCD forum member, 'lurking' around the support forum, waiting until someone is kind enough to help me with my own problem ! :brows:

Keeping that in mind, have you seen this -- and would it help?

Dual-Booting Mac OS X and Windows Vista/7/8

If this doesn't do what you want, you should post again, to keep your thread alive. It's already been a couple of days ...
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