Can't boot to WinXP, NTLDR not present


I have installed Vista on my primary harddisk partition 1, the C: drive.
Originally I had 2 Window XP installations. One on C: (Disk0 Partition1), the other on E: (Disk0 Partition2) i.e. on the same physical disk

I formatted the Window XP on C and installed Vista over it. I think this destroyed the NT boot loader. I wanted to dual boot into my e: WinXP.
I tried added an entry in EasyBCD pointing to C: and E: without luck. It reads 0x00000f ntldr not found. I even manually added boot.ini in roots of both C: and E: pointing to multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS="Windows XP" /fastdetect

I assume the cause is Vista had completely overwritten the original NTLDR.

What should I do now? Reinstall Windows XP on E:?

Many Thanks!!
btw, it's not that Vista overwrote NTLDR, but that when you formatted C:, NTLDR was deleted along with it.
NTDETECT was missing from the package but after I pulled the file from my friend's computer it's working great now.
Thanks very much for the quick reply.
You are the best moderator I've ever seen on a tech support forum :smile:

Anyway do I need to set anything with EasyBCD on XP's side?
no, ntdetect and ntldr should both go in the root of the boot drive, not in the boot folder.
This forum gives me a lot of trouble. I cannot edit. I wanted my previous post to read like this: Im having the same problem of not being able to boot into xp. I click on that link, it opens but no files appear. Everything appears to be in order during the set-up and installation.
Gooday to all,
All are good.Pl double click on zip file,after open file,select & ntldr & with mouse right click on slect area & click on option repair an arichive damaged & click on ok.