can't boot toshiba satellite


hi, new guy here, no formal training but able to follow instructions and I'm usually good at problem solving, this is first time I've not been able to fix a PC and am pulling my hair out!!
last week my neighbour came around with their Toshiba Satellite laptop, wasn't working but used Toshibas recovery tool to get it back, same results as a new install.
So one week later and they are back with same PC, this time it won't boot at all.

failed to start....... recent hardware or software change......

File: \Windows\system32\winload.exe
Status: 0x000000e
Info: the selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt

so i downloaded the ISO image on my pc, burnt disk and went into recovery (laptop has no vista cd or recovery cd)
system recovery options finds one OS, vista but says partition size is 0 and it's in an unknown location.
tapping the load drivers button allows me to see that there are 4 partitions on the HD, labeled as, C: Vista ,D: Data ,F: WinRE, X: Boot. ( diskpart only shows 3 )
Next i select the OS and go to Startup Repair it attempts repairs and displays that it can't repair the PC and reports:

problem signature 06: CorruptBootConfigData

system restore shows no restore points on any partition

Command prompt goes to X: Sources>

done chkdsk, everything is fine, no bad sectors
done fixmbr, says it has
done some other stuff i have seen in forums.......can't remember all I've tried sorry, but PC is still in same state it was when i got it.
Also tried doing a clean install of XP but it won't let me, problem with boot files?

any help will be greatly appreciated as personal pride and sanity is at stake :smile:
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Are there any system restore points? SFC might help:

sfc /scannow /offbootdir=c:\ /offwindir=c:\windows\

That failing and you have a disk to re-install Vista (ours won't work), do this at the command prompt:

select disk 0

That'll wipe everything out on the disk, so backup anything important. You should be able to re-install Windows now.

tried sfc, unable to perform operation.

so used scan disk to clean drive and tried to install XP, it says:

A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.
it mentions viruses, hard drives and controllers, i've just found out it had the HD out of a Medion laptop put in some months ago, but has only been going wrong in last 2 weeks.

error msg: Stop: 0x0000007B (0xF78D663C,0xC0000034,0x00000000,0x00000000)

is there any way to reset the BIOS, reset to factory settings or anything like that, tried holding down 0 at start up.

only get the boot from CD/DVD option now, can boot from your CD to get to recovery options, went through once said to restart for repairs to take effect but has taken me back to same as it was before apart from only booting from cd.
is there any way to run a program from cmd prompt?, would i have to know the exact name if so?
i can see using the load drivers option that there are 2 folders named HDDrecovery and HDDprepare on the HDD but cant see any files/folders that dont have setup info in them as thats what it's looking for.
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just tried it again, hold down 0 button, turn power on, repeated bleeping then press any button to boot from cd/dvd drive.
goes to system recovery options same as before.

Umm....just got it to go to advanced start up screen, chose safe mode, got a black screen with "safe mode" writen in all 4 corners and Microsoft windows build 6000 at the top but nothing else, then system recovery options starts again.
if i can manualy find a restore point ( think i remember seeing them when searching through files when i used the load drivers option) can i use cmd prompt to point to it and restore, if so what would the cmd look like?
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Did you make a note of the bleeping ?
POST communicates error conditions before an I/O device is available, with coded bleeps.
Make a note of the number and pattern if any (e.g. 2 bleeps, pause, 5 bleeps).
Then search the web for the POST codes for your mobo chipset.

the bleeps were from holding down the keys, is just a continuous bleeping, about 1 a second that continues for a while after you take your finger off the key, depending on how long you hold it down for
Sounds like time to contact Toshiba for replacement media if they didn't make portable copies when they had the chance while the system was working.
Alternatively reinstall Vista from a MS retail copy if you have one or can borrow one. Use the key from the PC sticker, not from the DVD.
You might be able to salvage personal data like this.

I' tried using diskpart to clean the disk so i could install a copy of XP i have, it wouldn't let me, BSOD and an error message about virus's, drive controlers and drives! so i'm assuming it won't let me re-install vista..........ummm.....also the sticker on the laptop is unreadable!!
never mind, i'm thinking this laptop has proccesed it's last command, time for the trip to the great melting pots of china!
XP before SP2 won't have any SATA drivers, which will stop it installing on a newish PC.
Vista won't be affected the same way.
You might try a bootable partition manager to completely format the whole HDD before you try installing any new OS. Often a reluctant install is because of debris of the broken system, which a full format will remove.