Can't Boot Ubuntu in XP/Vista/Ubuntu triple boot setup

Discussion in 'EasyBCD Support' started by sera, Mar 11, 2008.

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    I am trying to triple boot XP, Vista and Ubuntu on my Dell laptop. I am also replacing the existing hard drive with a 160GB maxtor. I had followed advice from this thread HOWTO: Triple-Boot Ubuntu 6.06, Windows Vista, and Windows XP - Ubuntu Forums about install order and partitioning strategy. After giving it a serious thought(not serious enough) I came up with the following partitions. I have created the following partitions using the Gnome Partition editor boot cd.

    Partition1 15 GB for Vista (Primary)
    Partition2 16 GB for XP-Pro (Primary)
    Partition3 110 GB for data storage (Primary)
    Partition 4 Remaining (Extended) with 2 logical drives one for Ubuntu and one for swap (3GB)

    Install order and locations:

    1) XP installed in partition 2.
    2) Vista installed in partition 1
    3) Ubuntu installed in Extended partition logical drive 1. I had followed easybcd Ubuntu specefic tutorial and the grub is installed in the boot sector of the first logical dr in extended partition.

    I can boot XP and Vista fine but unable to boot Ubuntu. I have tried both options for Linux boot in EasyBCD 1.7.1.
    The NeoSmart Linux boot option gives the following text on screen:
    "BootPart 2.60 ..........
    Loading new partition
    Bootsector from ....
    cannot load from harddisk
    Insert Systemdisk and press any key."

    Pressing any key brings back the Vista bootloader Menu.

    NeoGrub gives the grub prompt after printing few lines of text. It disappears quickly. Using the break key I have managed to get the following:
    Booting 'find /NST/menu.lst'
    find --se-troot --ignore-floppies /NST/menu.lst
    Filesystem type is ntfs, partition type 0x7
    config file /NST/menu.lst
    Turning on gate A20... Success.
    Starting cmain() ...

    GRUB4DOS 0.4.3 2007-06-14 ........


    I think the problem could be due to the bios supporting only 137 GB hdd and the Linux logical drive being beyond 137 GB. I am trying to avoid the reinstallation of all 3 OS or moving partitions around. Also is it safe to have data logical drive and linux root and swap in same extended partition if I choose to change my partition strategy.
    Any help is appreciated.

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    Well the first fix would be that you would have to flash your BIOS to support the whole drive. After that i am sure we can fix this issue. Maybe read thru our Wiki for some insite on this issue?

    Ubuntu - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

    Welcome to NST Sera.
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    Hi Sera, welcome to NST.

    The version of GRUB4DOS being used in EasyBCD should be fully LBA-compatible and shouldn't have a problem with the 137GB marker; but it's possible that you're seeing the side-effects of another bug in there that I've since patched.

    Can you try this?
    The NeoSmart Forums - View Single Post - Triple boot XP Vista Ubuntu, cant boot UBUNTU


    Oh, and as for your question RE extended partitions: nope, no problem. It's perfectly safe :smile:
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