Can't Boot Vista from 1st HDD


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First off, let me say that I've been using EasyBCD for awhile now, and its a great program. I definitely prefer using it over a GRUB bootmanager program.

But anyways, I'm having difficulties booting Vista from my 1st hard drive. Here's how I have it set up:

1st Hard Drive: Vista (750GB) - main OS

2nd Hard Drive: Windows XP (50GB), OS X 10.5.2 (50GB), Windows 7 Beta (100GB), and an extended partition for Linux that I plan to boot with GRUB installed to one of the logical partitions

Right now, I can only boot Vista after booting the second hard drive. In my perfect configuration, I would select the hard drive to boot into at startup by pushing F12. Then, the EasyBCD configuration on each MBR would control only the OS's on the hard drive, not allowing an option to boot an OS on the other drive.

I've tried absolutely everything to get the MBR and boot process of the first hard drive (the Vista one) booting correctly, but nothing is working. Here's all the things I've tried:

1) Fix MBR by going to the repair console in the Vista Installation DVD and using "bootrec.exe /fixmbr" and "bootrec.exe /fixboot"

2) Deleting the boot folder, bootmanager file, and resetting the bootloader in EasyBCD. I'm not sure if I was selecting the right boot partition though, since I wanted to edit the first hard drive's MBR, but had to boot into Vista using the second.

3) Using replacement boot files found on the internet to try and reset Vista's bootloader.

4) Startup Repair in the Vista Installation DVD - found problem but couldn't fix it

Right now, I'm just about to give up and try to reinstall Vista and the first HDD, but I really would like to not go to such extreme measures.
Stick to booting from the second drive since EasyBCD can configure entries to boot the others. If you really want Vistas drive to boot on its own, disconnect the others and do startup repair from a vista dvd/recovery disc.
Vista is designed to run multiple copies of Vista through a single copy of the BCD with a single bootmgr.
Whilst you can generally force things to run in ways that were not intended by the designers, you'd be fortunate to find the software made it easy to do so.
Presumably, when you installed Vista the bootmanager got put on your other HDD. (My Vista bootmgr and BCD got put on the XP partition too)
If you create a second BCD on the Vista HDD by doing an auto-repair with the other HDD disconnected, be prepared for future confusion because one BCD is supposed to run multiple Vistas, not multiple BCDs run one Vista.