cant boot vista


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okay i started with the black screen problem and made the recovery disc.
it loaded the disc and then went to the start up screen (with the green animated bar at the bottom) yay i thought - it worked !!!...but no - i just got a blue screen (not a blue screen of death) but a looks like a vista background screen but nothing on the the desktop.
tried pressing everythin - nothing happens.

I really hope someone can help me with this.

thanks guys.
Hello mandrax, welcome to NST

You sure you're booting from the recovery disc? You need to press a key when it tells you to in addition to selecting your cd drive as the boot device in order to boot from the recovery disc, otherwise it'll go on attempting to boot the broken system. Go into your BIOS and make sure your CD drive is at the top of the boot sequence.

We have had some users here with bad hard drives/partitions where they can't boot the recovery disc either. If this is the case for you you should get an Ubuntu live CD to resuce your files if you can, locate Windows installation media (not the recovery disc we provide as it can't be used for installation), and reformat+re-install.