Cant boot windows 7 need help

First i wanna say that my english is not verry good so ill do my best

I'll explain what i did

1. using Easybcd 2.2 i removed everything from bootloader ( i had windows 7 only)
2. i created an entry to boot windows 7 with easybcd sections for that
3. then using ehome Easeus partition master home edition i deleted the system partition (the one before windows 7)[h=3]5. so rebooted.. everything goes fine and finish and it rebooted but i seen that it was using the vista boot loader...[/h]6. windows 7 was slow and i also stated other weird problem
7. so.... stupid idea... i opened easybcd 2.2.. deleted the entry for windows 7 that i had created some min ago
8 i booted the windows 7 64 bit dvd to repair boot... reboot.. but windows 7 isnt booting... instead im getting to some weird message and after 2 or 3 enter i get "grub>"

now i booted into debian to try to mount my windows 7 partiton to see what i can do.. trying to repare by any way
but.. the windows 7 partition isn't NTFS anymore it's UNKNOW in gparted

so my question is, did easybcd use grub?

and if yes... how can i fix that?:|

Mak 2.0

Staff member
EasyBCD has the ability to use GRUB when you add an entry for a Linux install. But since your problem came after you had already removed the entry and tried to fix the BCD using the disk, that has nothing to do with EasyBCD.