Can't boot XP


hi people,

excuse my ignorance, but i am not new to stripping and re building computers on all levels, but just recently when trying to reinstall win xp instead of win 7, i cannot get the disc to boot on my desktop! i have tried installing other o/s's and that works fine i.e. linux ubuntu, and the install works first time evrytime! and so i try and try to install from standard boot using original discs and the o/s will not boot/re-install i cannot even try and reset the mbr!!

any help would be greatfully received!!

many thanks a very frustrated guy in the uk. :smile:

p.s. sorry if i posted on a wrong thread im new to this site......
How old is your XP CD ?
SATA support was not include in XP until the Service Packs arrived.
If that's the problem you'll either need to download SATA drivers from your mobo/OEM site and F6 them from a floppy at the start of setup, or slipstream the SPs into your installation CD